TOKE Staking / Voting

TOKE Staking

In order to become a Liquidity Director, you must first stake TOKE into the protocol to acquire votes.
First stake your TOKE (on the left), then allocate votes to Reactors, and finally Submit Votes via signature (on the right)
By staking TOKE into the protocol, LDs will be given a purse of votes that can be utilized on individual Token Reactors.
The votes allocated to a specific Token Reactor will be earning the APR indicated on said Reactor, based on the amount of TOKE votes allocated. When liquidity directing goes live, 1 TOKE will = 1 vote.
LDs voting power is proportional to their percentage stake of TOKE in a given Token Reactor. If you control 10% of TOKE in the SUSHI Token Reactor, you can direct 10% of the liquidity of SUSHI/pair to your desired exchange(s).
Initially, LDs will be able to vote liquidity be deployed to Uniswap V2, Sushiswap, Balancer, and 0x. We're working on integrating Uniswap V3 and will stay on top of changes that come with Sushiswap's Trident release. Initially, the primary quote asset that assets can be paired with will be ETH (this is subject to change, so stay tuned).
To see more on the mechanics behind voting, see: Voting Mechanics
Remember: Tokemak operates on weekly Cycles. When an LD commits votes for directing liquidity, those directional changes will only go into effect at the beginning of the next Cycle. LDs can rearrange their votes up until the end of the Cycle.
Similar to LP deposits, TOKE staking withdrawals require a withdraw request before a Cycle ends, and an eventual withdraw tx after a Cycle concludes.