accTOKE Locking

The locking of TOKE as accTOKE gives users the ability to participate in the weekly accTOKE Cycle rewards. Rewards accrued by the Tokemak POA deployments are claimable in wETH by accTOKE lockers. To learn more about accTOKE please visit the accTOKE section.

Users can:

  • Migrate TOKE that was already staked in the system to direct liquidity

  • Or directly access accTOKE with TOKE that is not yet staked on the platform

Migrating TOKE from Liquidity Direction Pool to accTOKE

If you already have TOKE deposited in the liquidity direction pool (left), you will see the 'Migrate Deposited Toke' button in the accTOKE component. Clicking this button will prompt you to input the amount of TOKE you wish to migrate and the duration of the lock before requiring you to tick some important notices.

Locking TOKE Directly

Users are able to lock TOKE directly (without migrating from the liquidity direction pool) simply by clicking the 'Lock TOKE' button. Like the migration process, you will then be prompted to input the amount of TOKE, the duration of the lock and tick the important notices before submitting and signing the transaction.

A minimum locking period will apply to all additional deposits to an existing accTOKE position.

Read more in the accTOKE section.

Unlocking accTOKE

Users can request to unlock during the last Cycle of their chosen lock period and then withdraw at any time after the lock expires.

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