Providing Liquidity

Depositing non-TOKE Assets

To deposit non-TOKE assets (eg. ETH, USDC or other protocols native tokens) you will find a deposit button underneath the asset in Pair Reactors or to the right to the asset's logo in the vertical list of Token Reactors. Clicking the deposit button will open a module where you can specify the amount you would like to deposit before prompting you to approve and sign the transaction.

After depositing assets into a Pair or Token Reactor, you will receive a tAsset. tAssets are the receipt token you receive that represent your claim to the deposited assets.

V1: tAssets (tABC)

Non-TOKE assets deposited into Pair Reactors will be paired with assets in Token Reactors and deployed as liquidity to exchange venues according to Liquidity Director / TOKE voting. Read more about how liquidity is deployed in the Deployment Logic section.

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