Smart Contracts

Current Contract Addresses

Current list of contract addresses (more to be added as published):

Deployer Address - 0x9e0bcE7ec474B481492610eB9dd5D69EB03718D5

TOKE Contract - 0x2e9d63788249371f1DFC918a52f8d799F4a38C94

DeGenesis ("DeFi") Contract - 0xc803737D3E12CC4034Dde0B2457684322100Ac38

Manager Contract - 0xA86e412109f77c45a3BC1c5870b880492Fb86A14

The Manager is the contract that coordinates the movement of capital throughout the system. It pulls funds from the pools and deploys them to various DeFi protocols. Capital is deployed through the use of Controllers that are delegatecall'ed to, specific to the protocol interfacing with. Deployment of capital happens in 'cycles'. It is important to note that cycle deployment can happen over multiple transactions due to the gas limitations. To indicate that a cycle deployment is complete the complete flag must be passed when calling execute() to indicate the rollover is complete.

  • Implementation - 0x1D7858a79Ca0bDedF9f16Af2b3E352B9231b4d43

  • Admin - 0xc89F742452F534EcE603C7B62dF76102AAcF00Df

WETH Pool Address - 0xD3D13a578a53685B4ac36A1Bab31912D2B2A2F36

  • Implementation - 0xca77a278a03f3E4648F9dC073729427862d5da31

  • Admin - 0xc89F742452F534EcE603C7B62dF76102AAcF00Df

USDC Pool Address - 0x04bDA0CF6Ad025948Af830E75228ED420b0e860d

  • Implementation - 0xcA5E07804BeEF19b6E71B9db18327D215CD58d4E

  • Admin - 0xc89F742452F534EcE603C7B62dF76102AAcF00Df

TOKE Pool Address - 0x96F98Ed74639689C3A11daf38ef86E59F43417D3

  • Implementation - 0xbbfC7D1D53116830326478F77F489530CEC7Ba8a

  • Admin - 0xc89F742452F534EcE603C7B62dF76102AAcF00Df

Uni LP Token Pool Address - 0x1b429e75369ea5cd84421c1cc182cee5f3192fd3

  • Implementation - 0xbbfC7D1D53116830326478F77F489530CEC7Ba8a

  • Admin - 0xc89F742452F534EcE603C7B62dF76102AAcF00Df

Sushi LP Token Pool Address - 0x8858A739eA1dd3D80FE577EF4e0D03E88561FaA3

  • Implementation - 0xbbfC7D1D53116830326478F77F489530CEC7Ba8a

  • Admin - 0xc89F742452F534EcE603C7B62dF76102AAcF00Df

Rewards Contract - 0x79dD22579112d8a5F7347c5ED7E609e60da713C5

Rewards are computed off-chain in a backend service (compute rewards service) that evaluates the last cycle's deployed capital and it's efficiency. There are three types of parties that are entitled to TOKE rewards:

  • Providers of Capital

  • Pricers of Capital

  • Directors of Capital

Once the "compute rewards service" has computed rewards, it'll publish all reward payloads, a signed typed data message (ERC712), out to IPFS. This payload is signed by a secure key in the backend. Rewards are cumulative so when the service is calculating, it will pull the last cycles balances from IPFS, and add the additional amount The message indicates the account, chain, total amount claimable (not taking into account amounts that have been claimed), and a nonce. The rewards contract will keep a balance of claimed amounts and only give the user the difference each time they claim. At this point the user can decide if they want to claim their rewards or not. If a user decides to claim, the message along with the signature is submitted to the rewards contract by the user. This results in the contract transferring the amount claimable to the account address.

Coordinator Address (Multisig) - 0x90b6C61B102eA260131aB48377E143D6EB3A9d4B

Treasury Address (Multisig) - 0x8b4334d4812C530574Bd4F2763FcD22dE94A969B

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