Managing Deposits and Rewards

The Dashboard

When you access the Dashboard, you'll find your total balance in USD as well as assets deposited in the system (on the left side, highlighted in green).

You'll also see earned and claimable "Rewards."

Underneath "Withdrawals," you'll find any assets that are currently available to be withdrawn. Remember, you must first "Request" to withdraw assets and they'll only become fully withdrawable at the end of the current Cycle.

Withdrawing Assets

There is a 2 step process to withdraw assets from Tokemak.

  1. Click the manage button next to the asset you would like to withdraw

  2. Input the number of tokens you would like to withdraw and approve the Request to withdraw.

  3. Once a new weekly cycle has begun, your assets will become available for withdraw. You will need to come back to the dApp and complete the withdrawal by repeating the above steps and clicking Withdraw.

Once assets are available to be withdrawn, they are no longer earning rewards.

Claiming Rewards

Whether you are claiming rewards from Directing Liquidity or accTOKE, you will find the corresponding button to claim rewards on the dashboard page.

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