Directing Liquidity

Depositing TOKE

In order to become a Liquidity Director, you must first stake TOKE into the protocol to acquire votes. Upon staking TOKE, users are able to direct liquidity by allocating the votes they receive to Token Reactors. The Deposit button will trigger a modal with two options: Deposit or Withdraw:

Depositing is pretty straight forward, but withdrawing assets requires a two-step process:

  1. You must first "REQUEST WITHDRAWAL," which will trigger a request to withdraw the indicated amount of assets from the system. They will not be fully available to withdraw until a Cycle ends.

  2. When a Cycle concludes and rolls over into the next, your assets will then be fully withdrawable and will require a second transaction to withdraw them to your wallet.

Directing Liquidity

Once you have deposited TOKE, the voting purse will populate with your total votes available to be allocated, your total votes submitted and your blended voting APR.

To begin earning rewards on your deposited TOKE, you will need to allocate your votes to one or multiple Pair or Token Reactors from the list of active Reactors below your voting purse. As you allocate votes, you will see the 'votes remaining' figure update. Once you have allocated all of your votes, you can then submit them by clicking the 'submit votes' button and sign the transaction - this is a gasless (free) transaction.

It may take up to 15 minutes for your votes to populate after depositing TOKE

You can re-allocate your votes at any time by clicking 'remove votes' and then reallocating before submitting votes again. This is a gas-less (free) transaction.

Directing Liquidity with Pro Mode

Pro Mode allows the user to direct liquidity to specific exchange venues. To find Pro Mode click the toggle button on the corresponding reactor you would like to allocate votes to.

Once inside the Pro Mode modal, you are able to allocate votes as usual by typing the number of votes into the input field for the exchange venue you have selected. Click the green submit votes button and sign the transaction to complete your action.

Pro Mode is only available for Token Reactors, not Pair Reactors.

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