Total Supply: 100,000,000 TOKE
30,000,000 TOKE (30%): Reward Emissions
5,000,000 TOKE (5%): Cycle Zero’s DeGenesis Event and CoRE (Collateralization of Reactors Event), the first distribution of TOKE
9,000,000 TOKE (9%): DAO Reserve
16,500,000 TOKE (16.5%): Contributors (12 month cliff +12 month linear vest)
14,000,000 TOKE (14%): Team (12 month cliff +12 month linear vest)
17,000,000 TOKE (17%): Investors (12 month cliff +12 month linear vest)
8,500,000 TOKE (8.5%): DAOs & Market Makers (12 month cliff +12 month linear vest)

TOKE Rewards Emissions

The emissions schedule for protocol participants (30M TOKE) is currently designed to be emitted over 24 months/104 weekly Cycles, however, these emissions could extend past this length of time. Read more about rewards in the Rewards Logic section.
Vesting Token Update:
As of Jan 31st, 2022 (the initial date of active liquidity deployment and the date of network launch), the vesting tokens begin their 1 year cliff + 1 year linear vest from that network launch date. This means that TOKE will be completely locked until the week of February 7th, 2023, and then will drip/unlock linearly until the week of January 30, 2024.