Navigating Tokemak (UX)
Note: Tokemak's full dApp/UI is currently being finalized. This section will be updated frequently, so check back for updates.

Current UI Navigation (Tokemak Cycle Zero)

After "Entering the Tokemak" dApp, you'll notice a Connect Wallet button in the top right, where you'll connect your Metamask or preferred browser or hardware wallet:
Connect Wallet
Once your wallet is connected, you'll notice a number of informational items and options:
In the top left, you'll see the current and next Cycle. There is also a link to current Rewards.
In the center, you'll notice the total (non-TOKE) TVL as well as the TOKE TVL. TOKE and non-TOKE TVL are separated to clearly indicate in the future how much TVL there is from LPs vs. LDs.
Above that, there's a button to access your Dashboard to see your assets at a glance.
Below all of this, you'll find the current Cycle Zero pools and their respecting APR's: ETH, USDC (Pair Reactors), TOKE single asset staking, and the Sushi LP pool. The Deposit button will trigger a modal with two options: Deposit or Withdraw:
Depositing is pretty straight forward, but withdrawing assets requires a two-step process. You must first "REQUEST WITHDRAWAL," which will trigger a request to withdraw the indicated amount of assets from the system. They will not be fully available to withdraw until a Cycle ends. When a Cycle concludes and rolls over into the next, your assets will then be fully withdrawable and will require a second transaction to withdraw them to your wallet.
When you access the Dashboard, you'll find your total balance in USD as well as assets locked in the system (on the left side, highlighted in green).
You'll also see any potential or claimable "Rewards."
Underneath "Withdrawals," you'll find any assets that are currently available to be withdrawn. Remember, you must first "Request" to withdraw assets and they'll only become fully withdrawable at the end of the current Cycle. Once they're able to be withdrawn, they'll appear in this column and will no longer be earning TOKE rewards.

Upcoming UI Updates

As we conclude Cycle Zero, there will be some updates to the UI. See above for a WIP version. Similar to C.o.R.E. voting, staking TOKE into Tokemak will grant you votes that can be allocated to specific Token Reactors (FXS Reactor pictured above) in order to direct assets in a Token Reactor as liquidity to exchanges. On the left side of the FXS Token Reactor, there will be a Deposit/Manage button that will trigger a modal similar to the one seen previously in the Cycle Zero version of the dApp.
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