Connecting to the App
Connecting Your Wallet
After "Entering the Tokemak dApp, you'll notice a Connect Wallet button in the top right, where you'll connect your Metamask or preferred browser or hardware wallet:
Tokemak - The Token Reactor
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Once your wallet is connected, you'll notice a number of informational items and options:
  • In the top left, you'll see the current number, a countdown until the next Cycle and the TOKE price.
  • In the center, you'll notice the total (non-TOKE) Total Value Locked (TVL) as well as the TOKE TVL. TOKE and non-TOKE TVL are separated to clearly indicate how much TVL there is from Liquidity Provider's vs. Liquidity Director's.
  • Above that, there's a button to access your Dashboard to see your assets at a glance and claim rewards.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will see your voting purse. Once you have deposited TOKE, your votes will populate and you can begin directing liquidity.
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