The Tokemechs (Pilots)

The Tokemechs

The Tokemechs (and our Pilots) are our community identity.

It was a loose vision of world building around activating Tokemak Reactors to bring DeFi closer to the future we all wish for it.

Pilots, Specialists, Mavericks... these are Tokemech identities and roles in our Discord. Join our Discord now to join among the ranks of the Tokemechs:

We began fleshing out this identity purely out of love of the fact that decentralized finance can be interesting, and to marry some interesting gifs and visuals with Tokemak.

Throughout this pursuit, the rise in popularity of NFTs and the metaverse narrative have given way to a new perspective of thinking about a project's identity and how to expand upon it.

Web3, gaming, and the metaverse have an immense future ahead of them - and we believe that that future is inextricably tied to DeFi and in particular, deep liquidity for the tokenization of applications.

We've announced a release of a series of NFT Pilots for DeGenesis participants and early access to minting for C.o.R.E. participants (more details about this are forthcoming).

We're also in the ideation phase of exploring utility for those Pilot NFTs, through a form of gamification that ties back to Tokemak. While Tokemak (the protocol) is our team's main focus, this is a side project that we think is worth exploring and building upon - not only for creating a tighter community and identity, but for exploring where all threads of DeFi and web3 lead.

There are lots of future use cases in store for Tokemak, and an effort to continually be forward-thinking is important to stay ahead of the curve.

Stay tuned for a deeper dive into the rise of the Tokemechs.

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