Tokemak operates on epochs known as Cycles.
  • If you deposit assets as an LP or stake TOKE as an LD mid-Cycle, you’ll begin to earn TOKE at the start of the next Cycle.
  • When liquidity deployment begins, your assets deposited will not be deployed as liquidity until the start of the next Cycle.
  • When you want to withdraw, you must first “request” to withdraw, and assets will only then be able to be fully withdrawn at the start of the next Cycle.
  • TOKE rewards are only claimable weekly.
Tokemak is currently in its pre-liquidity deployment phase (Cycle Zero). Cycle deposits and withdrawals are currently set to 24 hours, however, TOKE rewards are still only claimable weekly, around 1:00-2:00 PM UTC on Fridays.
When liquidity deployment goes live, Cycle deposits and withdrawals will also be set to weekly.

The Cycle functionality, designed for network stability and health, is defined as follows:

Liquidity Providers
An LP can deposit their assets into a given Token Reactor or Genesis Pool at any given time. TOKE reward emissions for LP's will not begin until the assets are then deployed and locked for the duration of the next Cycle. These rewards will not be claimable until the end of the following Cycle.
Once an LPs assets are deployed, a request function can be called for the withdrawal of specified assets, however they will not be claimable until the beginning of the next Cycle. Once your assets are removed from deployment at the end of a Cycle, they will be staged for the user to either claim or redeploy.
Liquidity Directors
An LD may stake TOKE into a Token Reactor at any time leading up to a new Cycle. An LD may then choose where to direct liquidity, however, the TOKE will not be actively directing liquidity until the rollover into the new Cycle. When the new Cycle begins, the LDs will start earning TOKE rewards and their chosen liquidity direction will be effectuated.
Once an LDs TOKE is staked and the new Cycle begins, the chosen exchange where the liquidity has been directed may not be redirected until the start of the new cycle. The LD may choose to redirect this liquidity, but it won't be enacted until the Cycle rolls over. Similarly to the LP, the LD may submit a request to pull their TOKE from the system, however it will not be claimable until the end of the current Cycle. When the Cycle ends, the TOKE will be staged and can then be claimed. TOKE rewards are claimable at the end of a given Cycle, and can then be added to your current TOKE stake to compound liquidity directional power.
More info on the Pricer network and their integration into Cycles to be announced soon.

Cycles in the UI:

You can always see what Cycle Tokemak is currently in clearly in the upper left hand of the dashboard:
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