Progressing Towards TOKE Governance

It's still early days for TOKE governance, but the intention is to develop and cultivate decentralized governance rapidly and strategically.
The first act of TOKE governance was voting in the first C.o.R.E. (Collateralization of Reactors Event). This enabled TOKE holders to vote to choose the first Token Reactors:
The progression of the first C.o.R.E. TOKE voting event
The Tokemak team plans to move quickly to build out a governance structure beginning with community dialogue, through forums, Discord, or other mediums. Eventually, the goal is for TOKE governance will be able to vote on things like standing up new Reactors, new venues for which to flow liquidity, or new L2/cross-chain implementation.
Stand by for more governance updates, and look for a governance channel in our Discord soon.